Fujitsu has begun sample production of its first SCSI-2 interface drive to support the 2.3GB version of the GigaMO format.

The new drive is expected to enter commercial production in November but is already available to OEM (original equipment manufacturer) customers at a price of 60,000 yen (£340) per drive.

It is Fujitsu's second drive to support the latest version of the GigaMO format following the launch earlier this year of a version with an Atapi interface. SCSI connections allow a faster maximum data transfer rate.

Fujitsu said it hopes to ship 500,000 units of the new drive over the next three years. When it launched the Atapi version of the drive, it announced a shipment target of two million units of that model over the same time frame.

The GigaMO standard was developed jointly by Fujitsu and Sony, and based upon its MO (magneto-optical) disc format. Originally supporting the storage of up to 1.3GB per 3.5in disk, the latest version of the GigaMO format can accommodate up to 2.3GB of data and was announced by the two companies in March this year.

Like other incarnations of the MO format, it maintains backwards compatibility with all disks back to the original 128MB capacity version.