Share news and prices could soon be delivered straight from the Financial Times to your phone. The newspaper has teamed up with Carphone Warehouse to create the FTmobile - a WAP phone providing news and share information.

"[Users] will receive an FT-branded phone and bill," said Carphone Warehouse's Trista Clarke. "We will provide management and customer support."

Using BT Cellnet as its airtime provider, the service will provide regular updates and other information from the FT's mPortal, accessible through WAP-enabled mobiles. The portal will be accessible to anyone with a WAP phone - for a fee.

The FT says the FTmobile will offer a highly personalised service. Shareholders can receive news relating to their assets as well as pricing. Users can also specify particular areas of interest and then be sent articles and messages that match these preferences.

"Users can enter their share holdings into the phone and will then be connected to global archives," said an FT spokesperson. "They will then be immediately notified of any change in their personal share prices."

The service is available to existing mobile phone owners for £10 a month. Those who buy the FTmobile phone will find the service charge incorporated in their monthly bill.

Siemens, Sony and Nokia will be manufacturing the phones from April. As yet only a prototype exists, but the phone will be heavily branded with the FT logo. The picture is our guess at how the phone might look.