As part of its unwired mobile experience, chip maker Intel will be setting up wireless access points at this year's Edinburgh festival allowing visitors to stay connected while on the move.

Intel has partnered with Broadreach Networks and 3Com to create a hotspot zone around the event's main stage in Princes Street Gardens. Passers by will be given the opportunity to use the company's Centrino notebooks or can simply use their own wireless laptop to send a few snaps to friends or the odd email to the office.

Broadbreach will also be providing pay-as-you-go fixed terminals in the hospitality tent, for which users will be able to buy vouchers that will enable them to purchase time online.

"Visitors to Intel's unwired mobile experience zone will be able to see for themselves just how wireless technology could change their lifestyle. And with more hotspots springing up across the UK, we're getting closer to a wireless revolution. There are currently more than 1,000 hotspots in the UK — and we expect the number to double by the end of this year," said Magnus McEwan-King CEO of Broadreach.