Mobile telco Hutchison's plans to roll out 3G (third-generation) mobile voice and data services in the UK are on track for a launch in the second quarter of 2002, a company representative confirmed today.

It's also understood by PC Advisor that Hutchison is trialling a video-over-wireless content service, and has hired staff to run the project.

Hutchison last year formed Hutchison 3G UK, a joint venture company with Canadian Telesystems International Wireless, and put in the winning bid for the largest 3G license in the UK.

Bidding for 3G licenses in the UK topped £25bn. Bids in Germany's auction in August 2000 reached a staggering £32.6bn, and Hutchison subsequently pulled out of a German consortium because it said the price was too high.

The company still could become a virtual network operator in Europe by leasing capacity from a network owner.