Hot on the heels of horror writer Stephen King, our own Frederick Forsyth will be selling his latest collection of short stories exclusively via the Internet.

Forsyth, who has racked up sales of 60 million books worldwide, has chosen Online Originals to publish his new work, Quintet. To date Online Originals has so far handled only first time authors.

Payment will be made by credit card and Online Originals will attempt to prevent unauthorised duplication by building in anti-piracy software.

Forsyth, whose best sellers include The Day of the Jackal, The Odessa File and The Dogs of War, is following in the footsteps of Stephen King, who is serialising his latest novel The Plant over the Internet.

King teased fans in July by saying future instalments would only be posted if at least three quarters of his readers coughed up the $1 (70p) fee.

But the horror writer still isn’t guaranteeing a conclusion to the series, unless fans keep up their honesty policy.

"Each instalment will be decided on an individual basis," says a King spokesperson. "Even if he has more [of the book] written, if [payments] drop below 75 percent, he just won't put it up."

To handle the e-commerce side, King is employing the services of Amazon to process credit card payments on the Web.