Ericsson launched its latest Internet-enabled mobile phone, the T20, this morning. Ericsson enlisted the help of girl band All Saints, because the T20 is aimed at the ‘yoof’ market - defined as “anyone who thinks young” in Ericsson’s lexicon.

Unlike any of All Saints, the T20 is curved like a dumpy Coke bottle. It has wireless application protocol (WAP) capabilities, letting people use WAP-ready Internet sites. T20 users will also be able to participate in WAP chat rooms - including WAP/WAP and WAP/web - and send e-postcards.

The phone will be in the shops sometime this month priced at £19.99 plus connection contract, but the marketing campaign won’t kick off until the new year. Pay as you go T20s will be launched later next year.

The phone will also use ‘internet time’, a concept dreamed up by watch company Swatch to replace traditional geographically-based time zones.

Internet time splits the day into 1000 ‘beats’, starting at @000 referenced to midnight in Biel, Switzerland, and ending at @999. This makes the synchronisation of international calls much easier, both companies claim.