Ericsson is set to lay off another 6,000 workers, according to a report in Tuesday's online edition of the Financial Times newspaper.

"We will release our results on Friday, and cannot comment on this until then," said Peter Bodor, information officer at Ericsson yesterday.

So many technology companies are making redundancies that PC Advisor's news team no longer routinely covers them on a daily basis. But these extra layoffs are a serious blow for Ericsson, which has already announced some 2,000 redundancies and the closure of two UK plants, lost more than a £1bn last year, and outsourced its handset production.

The Swedish phone and telco systems maker is expected to confirm the redundancies as part of a complete cost-cutting plan when it reveals its quarterly results this Friday, according to the Financial Times report.

The staff cuts are expected to hit Ericsson's marketing, administration, research and development operations both in Sweden and abroad, according to the report.

The company said last month it would aim to cut costs by at least £1.53bn by the end of the year.