Compaq is bringing out an iPaq handheld computer with double the memory of its current models, setting the stage for a number of improvements to the product that should be coming out later this year.

The iPaq runs Microsoft's Pocket PC operating system and competes with other handheld PC devices, such as units by Psion and Palm and Handspring.

The new iPaq will sport 64MB of RAM, double the memory in the company's H3600 series iPaq. By comparison, Palm's top of the line Palm VIIx ships with 8MB of memory. However, the iPaq and other Pocket PC-running devices do need more memory – after all, they're running Microsoft.

Information about the new iPaq was inadvertently posted on Compaq's website, something Compaq then brazened out as fine with the firm.

"We've always said we'll make enhancements to the iPaq line," said Compaq's Nora Hahn. "I believe we had this in our quiver for some time."

Many of the enhancements to the iPaq will arrive as add-ons to the system's Expansion Pack, Hahn said. The iPaq Expansion Pack is a docking bay that adds functionality to an iPaq device.

Improved wireless features and memory expansion cards are among the enhancements slated. Such improvements are expected to be announced "at various points during the year," Hahn said.