Celebrity cook Delia Smith is reported to have lost a whopping £60m on her failed cookery website, according to yesterday's Mail on Sunday.

Ms Smith found herself at the top of a long list of celebrities marked 'Britain's losers' in the paper's rich list.

Unfortunately the great cook herself was unable to comment on the unpopularity of the site. (Maybe she was too busy watching her cakes rise.) But it is seems unlikely the estimated £60m debt will make much impact on Delia's chunk of wealth.

"The ease of use and content of any site are what's vital to its success," said a spokesperson at ISP, Freeserve. "Just attaching a celebrity name isn't enough."

David Bowie also appeared on the Mail on Sunday's loser list. The millionaire singer lost £30m after lending his name to a US international bank that provided customers with Bowie chequebooks and credit cards.

It is unlikely the money came out of the star's personal fortune so fans need not worry their hero will be left out of pocket.

The failure of celebrity-backed websites is nothing new with the likes of Bob Geldof's Deckchair.com and Joanna Lumley's Clickmango.com also hitting dotcom gloom earlier this year.