Scottish PC maker Digital Micro joins the growing line of firms to go under in the PC market slowdown, and has left at least a few customers having paid for warranties they don't have.

Digital Micro was uncontactable at the time of going to press today, and the telephone number for the firm was 'temporarily out of order' according to a recorded announcement.

At least 11 customers have been left in the lurch because they bought PCs and paid for warranties, but Digital Micro failed to pay the warranty firm, Computer Insurance Services in Essex, to cover those warranties.

Darren Wood at Computer Insurance Services said that these 11 outstanding warranty payments were "the last 11 machines they told us they sold". It's possible there could be more customers out there who have paid for warranties but who do not in fact have them.

According to PC Advisor's sources it's unlikely anyone who's bought a warranty from Digital Micro that has not been paid for by the firm will get a full reimbursement from the liquidation of the firm.

Receivers Casson Beckman & Partners are holding a meeting for creditors at their London offices next week on Friday, 3 August. Their number is 020 7400 5400, and they can be emailed at [email protected]