The current and future state of the European Internet landscape has been mapped by analysts at Datamonitor - revealing that the ‘naughties’ are set to be the decade of the digital home.

The report revealed that 86 percent of European homes will have Internet access through a digital device, such as the PC, mobile phone, games console or interactive TV, by 2004. 76 percent will have two or more devices.

This is expected to fuel an online shopping boom, with 70 percent of households indulging in ecommerce – this will equate to a shopping community of 100 million people, compared to the present level of 19 million.

However the survey also revealed that the current level of online shopping was low. Although 80 per cent had browsed for information on products, only 15 percent had actually ordered and paid for the product over the Web.

Concerns over security of online payments was cited as the main reason for not completing a transaction online

The sale of financial products was marked as a potential boom area by the report. By 2005, 17 percent of all Europe’s financial product sales are expected to be performed over the net, compared to the current level of 1 per cent.

However WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) did not fair so well. Despite the number of Europeans with a mobile phone having reached 48 percent already, and that by 2004 59 per cent of mobile phones will be WAP enabled – A staggering 80 percent expressed no interest in M-commerce.