Dell has done a deal with mobile telco One2One to connect Dell notebooks to the internet using high-speed mobile data connections.

This means those buyers who go for the combination of notebook and card will be able to use One2One's upcoming GPRS (general packet radio service) to access the internet and email on the go.

Pricing for the service hasn't been announced yet but, as Dell's PC card for notebooks will cost £249 including VAT, it's doubtful the card and connection, let alone the ongoing cost, will not be less than £300. The system should be available in May.

Also, Dell is currently only selling the system, which is a PC card and a SIM (subscriber identification module) supplied by One2One, bundled with its latest notebooks. It will offer a 'retrofit' service for people with existing Dell notebooks, but has no intention of testing the system with other makes.

The outfit is based on Dell's TrueMobile kit, released last year, which used a WLAN radio network system.

Dell is only going to sell these from its online store. It should be possible to run the cards and the network access using other makes of notebook, but you will probably be on your own when it comes to support.