Creative Labs has teamed up with Ministry of Sound to produce a limited edition Jukebox that will be auctioned for charity. Bidding starts today.

Creative's DAP Jukebox uses an internal hard drive, rather than flash memory, to store music — allowing for far greater capacity. The first version offered 6GB, but the new limited edition boasts a whopping 20GB of space (room for around 500 CDs).

In addition to the latest 20GB Jukebox, the lucky winner will find their device stuffed with the Ministry of Sound back catalogue (67 albums in total), covering classics such as The Ibiza Chillout Sessions, Renaissance, the Annuals and the Future Sound of the UK.

To top off the package, the Jukebox has been fitted out with a custom paint job (pictured) using the artwork from Ministry of Sound’s Chillout album cover.

The bidding starts at £1, with all proceeds going to Nordoff-Robbins Music Therapy, a charity which uses music to help disabled and traumatised children.

If you fancy doing your bit for charity, or just want to get your mitts on the Jukebox, then visit Creative's website to find out more.