Corel has announced a new technology known as e-Too - designed for adding features to webmail software.

The product should enable email messages sent through Webmail applications such as Microsoft’s Hotmail to appear in a variety of text formats as well as facilitate the inclusion of hand-drawn sketches and handwritten signatures, according to a Corel executive.

Currently, many webmail offerings only allow users to input plain text.

Corel is hoping to complete e-Too by the first quarter of next year, according to Scott Kendrick director of product management with the company's recently-created new ventures unit.

Corel decided to develop e-Too to enter the email market, which the company considers the Net's "killer application," Kendrick explained. Webmail "can't convey emotion very well" and Corel wanted to fix that, he said.

Also, Corel discovered that there was no electronic equivalent in most webmail applications to letterheads, meaning that email messages lacked any kind of corporate branding, Kendrick added.