Siemens has made its last mobile phone that uses current mobile services. It's now only working on 3G phones — or at least, the devices will do what phones do now.

At Comdex, the annual IT industry jamboree, Siemens is touting mainly its developments in biometrics — the ability for devices to verify and authenticate your identity from your unique biological traits.

We've seen many of these things before, but Siemens was also showing a proof of concept mobile phone with built-in fingerprint recognition. This would obviate the need to use passwords for mobile transactions, with a nod to security.

It was also showing off its 3G UMTS (universal mobile telecommunications system) phone with a large colour screen, but the coolest thing on show was a pure design prototype phone headset, with Bluetooth connectivity and built-in minute computer displays (pictured).

Part of the headset package will be a handset controller, similar to a TV or hifi remote, that works like a trackball mouse.

J"rg Dahmen von Buchholz-Daburger, Siemens' director of marketing and comms, told PC Advisor that the German firm had finished its line in GSM and GPRS (general packet radio services) mobile phones with the S45 and the rugged splash-proof ME45.

Buchholz-Daberger is now working on how to get the headset system on to the shelves — but it's widely accepted that, as 3G mobile phone systems are probably at least three to four years away, there's no serious rush.