NEC has jumped into the PDA (personal digital assistant) market with the introduction of its first Pocket PC device, the MobilePro P300, based on Microsoft's Windows CE operating system.

The device was unveiled in Japan at the end of September but no specific details were available. The MobilePro P300 is aimed at the corporate market, although its hardware profile matches that of most other Pocket PC devices.

Based on Intel's 206MHz StrongARM processor, it has 32MB of main memory, 32MB of Flash ROM and a 3.8in colour TFT (thin film transistor) LCD screen. Other features include slots for both CompactFlash and SD (secure digital) memory cards.

While the hardware is similar to that of other PDAs, NEC has tried to differentiate the MobilePro with its software.

Several third-party software applications will be preinstalled on the device, including Insignia's Jeode Java plug-in. A 32MB SD card that ships with the PDA comes loaded with Westtek's ClearVue software for displaying Excel and PowerPoint files, Adobe's PhotoBase for viewing digital images and Ruskin Software's Voice Messenger Force instant messaging software.

There's still no news as to when the MobilePro will reach British shores, but expect to pay around £400 or more if Japanese and US pricing is anything to go by.