The PC market has faced tough times in recent years but Chinese vendor Tongfang is contributing to PC growth.

Ranked 12th in global PC shipments in 2013, Tongfang leads the top vendors in PC growth in 2013 through August, according to IDC's Monthly PC Tracker.

Shipments for this vendor increased 10 percent from a year ago and successfully outpaced the overall market.

IDC's Monthly PC Tracker indicates that the overall market declined 12 percent over the same period in top regional markets.

The success of Tongfang is attributed to the commercial desktop market in China. More than half of the company's shipments are for this particular market.

"Tongfang has been able to capitalise on this based on its customer relationships and winning projects, such as in the Qinghai province education order, China's food and drug administration, and national tax administration in the third quarter," said Antonio Wang, associate director for Client System Research, Imaging, Printing & Document Solution Research, Research Operation Center, IDC China.

Haier ranked 13th

IDC's Monthly PC Tracker has ranked another Chinese vendor Haier 13th in global PC shipments in 2013.

Traditionally Haier focused on the consumer market, but its profits also come from a rapidly expanding commercial business. Other vendors such as Positivo from Brazil and Canaima from Venezuela are also contributing to the growth of the global PC market.

Ranked 11th in global PC shipments in 2013, Positivo recorded strong shipment growth in June and July but growth in August went down significantly.

"Some of the volatility in Positivo shipments is due to bids in the education and government segments," said Pedro Hagge, Consumer and Commercial Devices analyst in Brazil. "These deals can be unpredictable, and some have shifted from PCs to tablets, but Positivo continues to grow faster than the market overall."

Canaima is a Venezuelan educational programme, which is shipping portable PCs to students. It is ranked 14th worldwide by IDC's Monthly PC Tracker.