Chillblast has confirmed that the Chillblast Fusion Flame PC reviewed in the current issue of PC Advisor will not be available in the configuration tested in our sub-£500 desktop PC group test.

The Fusion Flame, which won the Best Buy award in our January 2009 issue, was submitted to the PC Advisor test centre with an ASRock Wolfdale 1333-GLAN 2.0 motherboard, but Chillblast has since confirmed that the product is no longer available.

The company plans to make the Fusion Flame available on its website later this week, but as the specification has changed, we are no longer able to verify it as a Best Buy award-winning PC.

Therefore, The Fusion Flame has been removed from our charts, and the PC has been stripped of its Best Buy award.

The Arbico Elite 4685HD is now the Best Buy PC in PC Advisor's sub-£500 PCs chart, with the CyberPower Gamer Infinity 600 taking the Recommended award.