US electronics maker Hy-Tek Manufacturing plans to use the CES (Consumer Electronics Show), which kicks off in Las Vegas on 9 January, to launch what it claims is the first widescreen, all-in-one entertainment PC. The Tek Panel 300 packs DVD and CD players, a digital video recorder and a 125-channel television tuner into its 30in flat-panel display.

Slated to ship to American consumers this month, the system won’t come cheap with a massive price tag of $6,500 (£4,029). It is powered by a 2GHz Pentium 4 processor twinned with 512MB of DDR RAM and a 120GB hard drive and runs Windows XP, so it can work as PC or an entertainment hub which helps to spread the cost a bit.

All the electronics are buried inside the chunky LCD panel, which is 127mm thick. This can either be freestanding or hang on a wall. But as it weighs in at 92kg , you will have to pick a pretty sturdy wall.

Sadly for those of using the PAL TV system the Tek Panel can only display US standard NTSC satellite and cable television along with DVD and internet images. It can also be plugged into games consoles, video cameras via the built-in ethernet, FireWire and USB ports. Sound is pumped out by embedded Bose MediaMate speakers.