Customers who placed their orders with PC maker Carrera before 10 October this year and have not received a PC may have lost their money.

As far as PC Advisor can find out, the best these customers will get is the offer of a cut-price PC from new owners Digital Networks.

Any unfulfilled order placed on or after the 10 October will be honoured by Digital Networks in the guise of Carrera SSC, according to Digital Networks’ director Mark Johansen-Berg.

Carrera SSC has been formed from the ashes of Carrera and Sight and Sound Computers, another failed manufacturer bought by Digital Networks earlier this year.

But for now no one can say what those earlier customers who don’t have their PCs yet can do.

Johansen-Berg has offered them a Carrera SSC system at a greatly reduced price, but this still means they will end up paying more.

Colin Collier, ex-managing director of Carrera, who earlier blamed the company’s collapse on a credit squeeze, was unavailable for further comment today. (See