Canon this week launched its new MV5 series of ultra compact digital camcorders, but they won't be available to buy until July.

Sadly it seems neither will the pictures be, as Canon hasn't had any for three days. Pictured is the 'older' last version, the MV500.

In order to achieve such extreme sveltness in the new ones, Canon has lowered the camcorder's 'shoulder' to accommodate the LCD, and incorporated a new compact battery.

All of the MV5 recorders feature a brand new 10x zoom lens and a DAC (digital-to-analogue) converter enabling analogue images to be converted directly into digital images, without the need for recording to digital tape first.

The MV5i is the first Canon camcorder capable of Motion Jpeg recording, which allows short movies to be stored directly to a memory card so that images can be sent via email with minimum fuss.

In addition to conventional digital effects, the MV5i and MV5iMC offer 10 new effects including flip, wave and zigzag.

The Night Mode allows pictures and footage to be taken in poorly lit conditions. This is achieved by linear control of the shutter speed according to the brightness of the surroundings.

The audio-dubbing feature enables the user to add new sound to the original tape, just as is done with professional film-making, so that new sounds can be added or old sounds can be re-recorded.

The MV5 and MV5i both feature USB connections and come bundled with Pinnacle Studio 7SE software.