Jungle has pushed back the re-launch of its online superstore into the New Year, having failed to clear a backlog of orders caused by glitches following the implementation of its Retek information management software.

Originally planned for late October, the re-launch will now miss the crucial Christmas shopping season with 8 January pencilled in as the new D-day.

This weekend four head honchos from US information management specialist firm Retek flew in this weekend to join Retek's 22-strong UK team, currently working out of Jungle's head offices, in a bid to unscramble the customer data.

They will be firefighting all this week, with Jungle expecting the backlog to have cleared by this weekend.

Around 800 customers are still believed to be affected by what marketing director Andy Singleton described as a "data hole", which has led to problems matching orders with names and addresses.

The backlog is down from a figure of around 2000 a month ago, when PC Advisor first reported on the problem, though Jungle subsequently failed in its pledge to clear up the mess.

"We've been fighting blind," admitted Singleton. "We don't understand it."

Over 20 separate complaints from angry Jungle customers have been received by PC Advisor alone over the past five weeks, and the situation has prompted around 100 postings in the PC Advisor Consumerwatch forum.

PC Advisor reader and forum contributor Graham Friar is still awaiting a refund weeks after Jungle promised a full repayment having failed to deliver an HP 959 colour printer. Graham originally placed his order at the beginning of September and has since given his custom to www.technomatic.co.uk instead.

Fellow reader Paul Dick thought he'd heard the last of Jungle when, after PC Advisor's intervention, his HP Jornada PDA finally turned up on 16 October, some 25 days after placing his order.

In a glitch most likely caused by Jungle's "data hole", Jungle has now sent him an incorrectly addressed invoice for goods delivered almost a month ago.

This is the second invoice Jungle has sent him, which should never have been sent at all as, like all sensible online customers, he paid up front by credit card.

If you've been affected by Jungle's mishaps or have something to say about customer service issues visit our Consumerwatch forum.