Online retailer Jungle has once again postponed the relaunch date of its shopping site following a lengthy battle with its state of the art, Retek information management system, which led to the cancellation of 2500 orders and the loss of £250,000 worth of business.

Jungle is now penciling in 29 January as the official date for its latest revamp.

This is the second time Jungle has postponed its relaunch. The initial date was set for the end of October, but was put back to 8 January as thousands of scrambled orders started to emerge.

The inability to accurately connect names and addresses with order numbers - an online retailer’s worst nightmare - led to a string of complaints in the PC Advisor Consumerwatch forum, including one of the longest threads to ever grace the PC Advisor website.

In mid-November, Jungle flew in four head honchos from US information management specialist firm Retek in a bid to unscramble the customer data.

After weeks of firefighting, Jungle last week threw in the towel when it emailed 2500 customers explaining that it wouldn’t be able to clear its backlog, despite the fact that many had been waiting for several weeks.

Jungle’s upbeat marketing director Andy Singleton remained undeterred by the experience: "Obviously the last few months have been difficult to manage, though we anticipate little negative publicity around the new site," he said.

"The business is back trading normally, both from a fulfillment and customer satisfaction point of view. The situation is normal, with outstanding orders at normal business levels."

Singleton told PC Advisor that the Retek information management system had now "settled down and was running the business as normal."

According to Singleton the computing channel is likely to remain the most popular section of the site, though he hoped the relaunch would "position Jungle as a serious entrant in the home electrics market."