ISPs Freeserve and AOL have threatened BT with legal action for unfair allocation of broadband ADSL links.

BT was labeled a ‘national disgrace’ by the internet providers after it was revealed that Ignite, the division of BT which sells the ADSL lines, has secured two-thirds of the 30,000 ADSL customers in Britain.

Ignite confirmed this figure in a press statement released yesterday, admitting to having 12,000 current ADSL customers and then adding it is signing up between 1-2,000 new subscribers each week.

BT denied the company is cheating in any way. “This would appear to be sour grapes because BTOpenworld is being more successful in attracting customers,” said a BT spokesperson.

As Britain’s largest ISP, Freeserve complained that it was only allocated 16 installations a day, a figure BT was unwilling to confirm.

AOL said that there was no point in marketing ADSL lines, when they would not be able to meet the demand, due to the shortage of lines they had been allocated.

Oftel was unwilling to comment on the issue, but said the matter was being investigated and would be cleared up as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Last night at the ‘Internet Oscars’ in London, BT was awarded Villain of the Year. BT’s popularity was apparent throughout the night as the crowds allegedly booed and hissed whenever Ignite was mentioned.