BT Wholesale has announced plans to speed up its rollout of ADSL broadband services, shaving six weeks off the time it needs to upgrade an exchange.

Where demand has proved high enough via its registration scheme, BT will start the build process to upgrade an exchange immediately, bypassing the current 42-day confirmation process.

Following the suspension of the confirmation phase, work will begin today on the upgrading of the 18 exchanges that have so far hit the trigger figures required by BT to qualify for ADSL. The dates when these exchanges will go live will be posted here soon.

From 15 January service providers will be able to start taking orders from customers as soon as the trigger figures are reached. For any exchanges that hit this figure between now and that date, service providers can start collating figures immediately and place the orders as soon as the new streamlined system is in place.

The confirmation period was originally put in place to guard against users who have tried to falsify demand figures in order to get exchanges upgraded sooner. But now BT says it has put more sophisticated data analysis tools in place to prevent this type of fraudulent registration, making confirmation unnecessary.

So far 10 exchanges have been upgraded as a result of the registration scheme, with 33 more now in the build phase.