Today sees the official launch of BT's new broadband service — BT Yahoo Broadband. First announced back in June, the service sees the telco twinning up with content provider Yahoo in an attempt to win more customers for its all-frills broadband offering.

BT Yahoo Broadband plans to increase on the range of services offered by BT's Openworld broadband service, and all for the same price of £29.99 per month. It will include intelligent personalisation, so customers can tailor content to their areas of interest, plus a personalised radio service, Launchcast, and security features such as anti-spam, antivirus and a free firewall.

The aim is to boost numbers of broadband users to help BT reach its target of five million sign-ups by 2006. It will spend £10m pushing the service to new customers who can register by visiting the website or calling 0800 800 050.

Launching the service, BT Openworld boss Duncan Ingram said, "For broadband to be as pervasive and life-changing as it promises, three things are crucial: widespread availability, quality of service and compelling content." He believes that BT Yahoo Broadband can deliver on all three.