BT Internet has launched three web access packages for small businesses in an attempt to get the sector online and on the ecommerce bandwagon.

The packages will be launched on 14 June, and will each target a sector of the SME (small to medium sized enterprises) market. Grant Broster, head if BT Internet of business, claimed that this would allow the sector to deal with one of its main web concerns – that of spiralling call charges.

The first service is aimed at the sole trader end of the small business market. The package is for those that average 12 minutes per day online. It is a pay-as-you-go offer and will be charged at 2p per minute peak and 1p per minute off-peak.

BT claims this will represent a 20 per cent saving for users.

Package two is an unmetered call service for evenings and weekends and 1p per minute for peak times. This is targeted at SOHO (small office, home office) users that spend more that 20 minutes per day online. This off peak unmetered offering is due to research that shows that SOHO users spend 56 per cent of their online time outside traditional business hours. The price is £5.99 per month and a subscription charge of £12.

The third package is targeted at heavier office users that regularly spend more than an hour on the web every day. On top of the £12 subscription it will cost £19.99 per month for fully unmetered access.

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