Broadband provider Telewest has slammed satellite television provider BSkyB's broadband offering, labelling it too expensive.

BSkyB today announced a partnership with broadband provider BT Retail to offer its customers access to the company's broadband services.

Existing Sky customers will be able to save £80 when they sign up to BT's no frills service.
Users will have to pay a one-off £60 activation fee and then £27 a month (£28 if they do not pay by direct debit) but will receive all the equipment, worth £80, free of charge.

Once customers have been signed up to BT's service, after 15 days they can claim a further £20 credit towards their Sky digital account by clicking here.

But not everyone is impressed with the announcement.

"BT can't compete with the simplicity and value of our service. For £50 we will send a qualified technician to get you up and running, whereas Sky customers will still have to pay a £65 activation fee for the pleasure of doing the wiring themselves," said Gavin Patterson, managing director of rival broadband and television provider, Telewest.

"We passionately believe that making broadband approachable and offering comprehensive, quality services is key to making broadband Britain a success," he added.

Telewest's Blueyonder service will set you back £29.99 a month (or £25 if you subscribe to its TV package) plus £50 for activation. While V21's broadband service is even cheaper at £19.99 a month plus £55 activation fee and NTL is offering its services for £24.99 a month with free installation until the end of the year. All of which illustrates that despite its vested interest in criticising the competition, Telewest has a point and BSkyB's package isn't quite the bargain it would have you believe.