On the same day that cable internet supplier, Telewest, tempted customers with the offer of free installation on all its Blueyonder broadband services, rival BT Yahoo Broadband has announced that its customers will get a free modem and free activation until 21 December 2003.

It seems that competition is doing the consumer nothing but good.

Telewest's deal provides anyone who signs up for broadband services in October with a free modem and installation and no activation costs. For more information call 0800 953 5354 or visit the website.

Taking the lead from the competition, BT is trying to push its recently launched Yahoo Broadband service, with its own freebie deal. As of today, broadband modems will be free if ordered online, or on sale offline at the discounted price of £40, as long as activation takes place before 21 January 2004. Activation will be free until 21 December, whether customers buy a modem or not.

For more information on the BT Yahoo Broadband offer visit the website.