, the ISP, could be in trouble after summarily pulling its unmetered internet access service on Friday last week.

Trading standards officers are trying to talk to Breathe in Warrington, where Breathe is based, to get the company to come up with some form of compensation for not giving customers of its Breathe Freely service 30 days notice before closing.

"Civilly, consumers may have redress against [Breathe]," said Peter Astley, principal Trading Standards officer in Warrington. "There's a particular piece of legislation which says they should give 30 days notice. We're looking at the issue that they pulled the plug with only one day's notice."

Astley also said Breathe may be in trouble for not giving users the promised lifetime's internet access for £50. He pointed out that users did get several months of service for their money, but said they may be in the right to expect Breathe to put up or shut up on its promise.

People who have been affected by the are advised by Trading Standards to register their interest with their local office, and will be contacted when Trading Standards has talked further with Breathe. For the contact details of local offices see: