Ramp up your PC's performance, boost your Wi-Fi range, expand your Xbox and unlock extra camera features with PC Advisor's 10 projects.

You don't need to be a confirmed technology DIY enthusiast to be able to improve your existing PC hardware and gadgetry.

You may not feel up to the task of overclocking your computer's processor (or even know what overclocking is), but you can probably see the benefit of a faster Wi-Fi connection, or being able to unlock features on your digital camera that weren't available when you bought it. We can even show you how to work your camera using a remote control.

Whether it's because you want to save the expense of shelling out for replacement kit or because you fancy a challenge, it's certainly worth giving our simple hardware upgrades a go.

If you happen to be experienced at upgrading components, we've also got some more complex projects over the following pages. To whet your appetite, how do you fancy bidding farewell to the limited storage on your Xbox or other games console for as little as £40?

We've got tricks to crack iTunes and strip out its restrictions so you can play the tracks you've bought on any MP3 player, and we can show you how to transfer films from DVD to a format compatible with a portable player.

As you can see, hacking is no longer just for geeks. In this era of ubiquitous gadgetry and free information, anyone with a screwdriver can do a little unauthorised tinkering. You don't even need a garden shed.

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Boost your PC with PC Advisor's 10 easy PC projects