Barclays bank will cease its ISP on 15 February, leaving 40,000 customers to find a new internet service provider.

The ISP service is completely separate from its online banking site (, which will not be closing. Barclays claims there will be no job losses in connection with the closure, because staff will continue to operate the online banking service.

The ISP offers a metered service, which means users pay for the time they are online, charged at local call rate.

Barclays blamed the roll out of broadband — for example, ADSL — and unmetered ISP products for changing demands on what services people expect from their service provider.

"Things have got better. What we have is an okay service, but we feel BT offers something better," said a spokeswoman at Barclays. "This is just one of the services we offer and we feel another person could do it better."

Barclays has struck a deal with BTopenworld, offering existing customers a special rate to join up to BT's Anytime package for £9.99 a month, saving £5 off the normal price.

But this offer is only available for the first three months, after which customers will be charged at the usual rate. A metered service is available from BTopenworld, also charged at local rate, for those who do not wish to subscribe to the monthly package.

"Customers can chose any ISP they want to but we feel this is a very good deal and will in most cases work out cheaper anyway," said a Barclays spokeswoman.

More details of the closure and migration to BT's services can be found at

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