Intel plans to show off its fastest processor to date for workstations and servers at the Siggraph 2001 computer graphics trade show in Los Angeles next week, the company said Friday.

The chip maker will demonstrate a workstation powered by its forthcoming 2GHz Xeon processor in an attempt to snag some of Hollywood's digital media customers away from companies that have traditionally held the market, such as Silicon Graphics Inc (SGI), said Intel spokesman Seth Walker.

"Typically, SGI has had a strong hold on Hollywood," Walker said. "Also, a lot of studios have used their own proprietary systems."

It's also being reported in the IT press, and even on PC Advisor's forums, that Intel will, as predicted several times recently, slash Pentium 4 prices by around 50 percent when it releases its 1.9GHz and 2GHz processors.

People are saying the new chips will be available from the end of August but precise details are, officially, embargoed. Of course, PC Advisor knows when this will happen because it has a press release that has the words 'embargo until XXXX' slapped all over it. So we can't talk about it.