Not to be outdone by nVidia's ubiquitous GeForce3, ATI is updating its family of graphics cards with the upcoming release of the All-In-Wonder 8500DV.

The previous success of All-In-Wonder cards has more to do with the wealth of multimedia functionality than graphical capabilities, but the 8500DV might just change that.

Using ATI's own Radeon chipset, the 8500DV will come with 64MB of DDR memory and it's the first board to fully support Microsoft's DirectX 8.1 specification — an integral part of the XP operating system.

ATI has also developed a technology it calls Trueform to smooth out graphics. There are already some big name games developers in line to produce Trueform patches so anyone with an All-In-Wonder 8500DV will be able to download them from on-line gaming sites. PC Advisor caught a glimpse of this enhanced system (pictured) and it did look remarkable.

Boasting functionality beyond earlier All-In-Wonder cards, the 8500DV includes an array of features bound to impress home-based multimedia enthusiasts. It's the first ATI card to include a DV (digital video) connection so users can plug in digital camcorders or other DV based devices. There's also a radio frequency remote control that allows PC-TV control.