Asus's launch of the Eee Box- the desktop version of the Eee PC – may be delayed this week due to a typhoon which hit Taiwan today.

The Eee Box, announced earlier this summer, was due to be released on Wednesday, but Typhoon Fung Wong could throw off the schedule.

The typhoon, which made landfall in Taiwan early today with sustained winds of 144 kilometres per hour, has shut down businesses and schools across the island. Taiwan's Central Weather Bureau predicts the typhoon will cross Taiwan and head for the Chinese mainland by Tuesday afternoon. But some typhoons have stalled on top of the island, blowing heavy winds and dumping rain on the population for days. The government often orders businesses and schools to close when typhoons hit for fear of deaths caused by flooding and objects blowing in the wind.

Asus Eee Box

Barring an interruption from Fung Wong, which means Phoenix in Chinese, Asus plans to hold a launch party for the Eee Box on Wednesday afternoon.

The Eee Box is a mini-desktop PC running on a 1.6GHz Atom microprocessor from Intel. The device will come with either a Linux or Windows XP OS, and will sell for around $300 (£150), Asustek executives have said.

The device is far smaller than a traditional desktop PC. Like Apple's Mac mini, the Eee Box is designed for the living room as much as the top of a desk. The Eee Box weighs less than 1kg, is only 16mm, and has a body 233mm by 178mm without the stand. It sits sideways instead of laying flat as the Mac mini does.