We refuse to ignore new Macs just because we have PC in our name.

Just when Mac aficionados were picking themselves off the floor and ringing the bank for a loan - with various limbs as collateral - Apple brings out an even better version of its Cube G4.

Apple boss Steve Jobs announced a range of upgrades to its G4 Cube and iMac desktop personal computers in a speech at the MacWorld Expo in Tokyo today.

One of the most welcome additions to Apple's new PowerMac G4 Cube is a CD-rewriter. Many PC users now take these for granted, but this is the first Mac to come equipped with such a feature. It is also the first new model in the range since the machine debuted at the MacWorld Expo in New York last July.

Jobs has also unveiled three new versions of the iMac computer. Some have CD-RW drives and all have more memory and faster processors. In keeping with the Mac philosophy, Apple has added two new case colours to the iMac range. Flower Power and Blue Dalmation [sic] feature coloured patterns within the translucent casing.

Digital music will also become a major focus for Apple, Jobs announced, describing it as one of the main pillars of the digital lifestyle era. He envisions the Mac at the centre of a digital home entertainment network. Several other companies, most notably Sony, also have their eyes on this market, which is likely to become a battleground for personal computer makers in the future.

Macworld Tokyo continues until Saturday. More details can be found online here.