Apple and Google are the new leaders of the technology world. According to analyst Georges Yared of Yared Investment Research, where Apple and Google lead, others in the technology space follow, and Apple and Google can expect "mega-growth on all fronts" for the next couple of years.

Yared notes that the leaders of the technology world have changed. Top of the tree in the 1980s were IBM, HP and Xerox in the 1980s. And, according the Yared, Cisco Systems, Microsoft, Dell and Oracle led the way in the 1990s. Now leadership of the world belongs to Google and Apple.

Such technology leaders see mega-growth year over year, Yared said. He added that leaders such as Google and Apple produce innovative products and enjoy a hungry customer base.

Yared advises that both Apple and Google would be good investments, despite concerns that they are expensive stocks. "You don't want to own them unless they are expensive", he states, according to a report on Seeking Alpha.

"These are not "value" plays," he continues, "value plays become value plays after they blow up".

"So will Apple and /or Google eventually blow up?" he asks. "Probably yes, but the next two to three years look quite clear with mega-growth on all fronts."


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