Users and system integrators itching to lay their hands on PC motherboards designed around AMD’s new AMD-760 chip set and high-speed double data rate memory had better not hold their breath.

While major Taiwanese makers were quick to announce motherboards in tandem with AMD's Monday announcement of the first PC chip set featuring support for its Athlon processors and high-speed DDR SDRAM, limited availability of the 760 chip set is likely to hold back shipments in the short term.

Asustek Computer and First International Computer were among the first to rush out announcements about their planned 760-based motherboards.

Other major motherboard makers, including Giga-Byte Technology and Micro-Star International, are also readying similar offerings.

Due to limited chip set supplies, however, FIC does not expect its first Mainboard AD11 motherboard for desktop PCs to be widely available to distributors until late this year or January, says a spokesperson at the Taipei-based company.

Asustek, meanwhile, says in a statement that its A7M266 board will start shipping "in quantity" during the current quarter, but did not provide details on when volume will ramp up.

AMD is focused on supplying its major PC vendor customers first, according to the FIC spokesperson.