Intel's success in pipping rival AMD to the 2GHz post has failed to cut the mustard with PC Advisor readers.

Responding to a recent poll on the PC Advisor website, nearly three quarters (73.7 percent) of voters indicated they thought PCs primed with a combination of AMD's Athlon processor with DDR RAM offered better performance than systems housing Intel's fastest P4 chip. This is despite the fact that AMD's fastest Athlon runs at only 1.4GHz.

The 'Intel inside' brigade managed to muster a mere 26.3 percent. Making up just over a quarter of respondents, they reckon Intel has regained its desktop crown by hitting the 2GHz mark first.

As ever, the poll attracted considerable comment in our forums.

"I still think that AMD outperforms Intel," said self-confessed AMD fan and forum regular Isaac Newton. "What with the new AMD chips out soon, they will continue to prove that a higher clock speed isn't everything."

"Surely it's about bangs per buck?" said Richard Warwick, who in the forums goes by the nickname of 'slimpickins'. "Even if the 2GHz P4s are faster than the best Athlons, for the price difference you could buy the best GeForce3 card and have a faster system."

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