Advanced Micro Devices and Opera Software want to bring you the Internet - but not necessarily on a PC.

The chip maker and the Internet browser company are teaming up to create embedded browser technology, the companies announced yesterday.

Embedded browsers allow devices other than PCs to
access the Internet.

"Anything from mobile devices, almost mobile phones, to more advanced, bigger devices," says Opera's Chief Executive Officer Jon Tetzchner, "like, for instance, a device we have been working on with Ericsson, a cordless telephone using a sizeable screen for Internet browsing."

Uses of the technology could extend, he says, to devices like Electrolux's prototype Internet-connected refrigerator.

"We think the embedded browser market is really growing. We expect it to outnumber PC browsers in two to three years," he says, "and this deal puts us on track to be a major player in this market."

Under the agreement, the two companies will work together to develop products combining Opera's browser software with AMD's line of embedded 32-bit processors.

No specific amount of capital has been committed to the project, says Tetzchner. "At this stage we're just talking a strategic partnership."

The products will be marketed to manufacturers who will install them in their consumer products, he says. "I expect it will be some time before actual devices will come out. I would definitely expect something within the next year," Tetzchner says.