As you'll probably have picked up on by now, CES - the International Consumer Electronics Show - is going on in Las Vegas at the moment.

CES is one of the biggest trade shows in the industry and almost certainly the most significant, if you couldn't figure that out from the early January scheduling and glamourous location. Manufacturers like to put on a good show and save their best and most innovative products for this occasion. Given what we've seen this year already, CES seems unlikely to suffer the same sudden disappearance as Comdex or the painful slide into insignificance of CeBit.

Though I wasn't on the plane and am still sat safely at my desk in London, our very own deputy editor, Will Head, is out there battling the crowds of excitable hacks.

He's seen one or two interesting things out there - check out the PC Advisor staff blog.

But, being a resourceful man and realising the overwhelming size of CES - some 100,000 people will be there this week - I've got a few more pairs of eyes and ears on the ground out there, reporting back on the plethora of gagdets and goodies on show.

Here's some of the other stuff that's been on display.

Seagate showed off a portable hard drive that weighs less than 0.5kg - and it's got a storage capacity of 160GB to boot.

HP announced the Pavillion dv5000 range - details of pricing in the UK are still being kept under wraps, but I can tell you that it uses an AMD Sempron 3000+ processor, has 256MB of DDR RAM and a 40GB hard drive, so you wouldn't expect it to break the bank.

We told you about Skype teaming up with Netgear to create a Wi-Fi VoIP phone. Well, it seems Skype has been busy - it's also struck a deal with Vonage, who is making the Ipevo, a cordless VoIP phone that has a base station that connects to a PC via the USB port.

And Toshiba told the world that it planned on releasing two HD-DVD players in America in March. This is especially significant in the light of news that Blu-ray Disc players may not hit the market until summer. The HD-A1 and HD-XA1 will cost $500 and $800 respectively - that's the equivalent of £290 and £465 but there's no news yet on UK release plans.

One thing I don't have any pictures of, I'm afraid, is the 103in plasma TV from Panasonic. It's the largest ever made - eight and a half foot from corner to corner - though it's just one single inch bigger than models previously made by LG and Samsung. A bit of oneupmanship there, do you think?

Keep checking this blog, the staff blog and the news section of for more of the latest from CES - we're expecting plenty of big announcements. For example, have a look at what everyone seems to think Google is planning.