Dell yesterday launched its first notebook with snap-on covers, letting owners change the look of both the cover of the notebook and the palmrest.

The Inspiron 4100 features a 14.1in display, a Mobility Radeon graphics card from ATI with 16MB of memory, and Intel's Mobile Pentium III processor.

But the most interesting thing about the 2.7kg notebook is the 'QuickSnap' colour inserts, which allow a user to change the appearance of their PC in the same way some users can swap the cover of their mobile phone. There are 18 different inserts, which cost around £40 each, including burl wood, snakeskin and spring palette, Dell said.

Beyond the cover, users can also customise what goes inside the PC as well. There's a choice of three resolutions settings for the display, three hard drive sizes up to 30GB, and four optical drives, including an eight-speed DVD (digital versatile disc) and quad-speed CD-RW combination drive, the company said.

People can also choose the speed of the Mobile Pentium III processor, up to 1.2GHz and specify up to 1GB of PC133 SDRAM (synchronous dynamic RAM).

The Inspiron 4100 starts at around £770 ex VAT for a configuration including an 866MHz processor, 128MB of RAM, an XGA display, a 10GB hard drive and a 24-speed CD-ROM drive, Dell said.