After BT's rather limited rollout of its ADSL services, the teleco giant announced earlier this week it will be trialling an enhanced version of the broadband service from 25 June.

Lack of availability is the most common complaint about the service.

"On the whole people have been impressed by the efficiency of broadband," said a spokesperson at BTopenworld. "But for a service to be a success it needs to be available to as many people as possible. At the moment this is not the case."

According to BTopenworld the extended reach technology allows the 'footprint' of ADSL to be extended from its current limit of 3.5km to around 5.5km.

"We believe we will now be able to reach 90 percent of the people," said the telco’s spokesperson.

The extended-range ADSL will be available to home500 and business500 customers, but prices are still high. Home users can expect to pay a £150 installation fee and receive a nice hefty £40 bill each month.

But according to a PC Advisor poll conducted earlier this month, over two-thirds of those polled thought broadband connection should be free so at these prices many people will still be excluded from the broadband revolution.