Acer will launch at the end of October a legacy-free all-in-one PC that addresses some of the criticisms of the genre by including innovative upgrade features.

For starters, the 15in LCD screen on the Veriton FP2 can be detached and upgraded to a 17in screen, which Acer will introduce next year.

The price for upgrading includes a monitor stand for the 15in screen, so it can be used to enhance a conventional PC.

One of the criticisms of all-in-ones is the difficulty of upgrading and servicing them.

But the FP2's hard drive can be easily accessed from a flip-down panel at the back of the unit, and its optical media drives are hot-swappable.

Users will still not be able to add extra soundcards or video cards though.

The mouse and keyboard use wireless infra-red connections, and the keyboard has five hotkeys which can be programmed for launching favourite applications.

The spec includes various flavours of Pentium III, 133MHz front-side bus, 128MB of SDRAM, hard disk of 15GB upwards, 56k modem, 10/100Mbps network adapter and CD-ROM, DVD or CDR-W drive. Prices start from £1599 plus VAT.

Acer says the FP2 is aimed at professional small businesses - lawyers, doctors, consultants and the like - and at home users searching for the latest compact styling.