PC and peripherals manufacturer Acer will be launching its first ever digital camera in the UK this month, a model which it claims is one of the slimmest and lightest on the market.

The nifty DC-300 truly is pocket-sized, measuring approximately 2x9x6cm and weighing just 150g with batteries.

Despite its diminutive proportions and mere £99.99 price tag, the DC-300 can capture moving as well as still images, and has 8MB onboard memory which can store up to 128 pictures.

However, at just 0.35Mp (megapixels), image quality will limit users to web publishing or email.

The addition of a low-priced digital camera to Acer's imaging product range, which includes scanners, LCD monitors and projectors, ties in with the company's consumer-focused rebranding earlier this year.

Formerly known as Acer Peripherals, the company was renamed Acer Communications and Multimedia (Acer CM) in January.