Sexy gadget supremo Sony is to release its Clie touch-screen handheld PDA on 2 April.

Sony says the Clie range will be a cross-over product, appealing to consumers who want to pose with the latest PDA as well as style-conscious business execs. The product is priced accordingly at £254 ex-VAT, a typically shocking price from Sony.

In addition to Palm applications such as calendar, address book, notepad and calculator, the Clie comes bundled with Sony's Pocket Picture Gear software for displaying and transmitting images.

Exchanging pictures is a feature Sony says will take off, especially when an interface with Sony GSM phones is released for the Clie later in the year.

The first model, snappily known as the PEG-S300/E, runs PalmOS on a 160x160 monochrome screen and comes with 8MB of DRAM, 2MB of Flash memory and up to 128MB of Sony's Memory Stick storage.

The Clie weighs 121g and can be operated by a stylus and Jog Dial, Sony's proprietary thumbwheel control for screen scrolling and switching between applications.

A USB cradle, software for synchronising with a PC, protective carrying case and AC adapter are supplied as standard.