Most of us have an old computer of some sort, and we all have our reasons for keeping around. However, many times those reasons don't extend far beyond that these computers keep important files that we'd rather not lose. Why not have that heap of plastic and circuitry do something useful for you instead?

A few months back, we brought you 12 uses for an old PC. Here are five more things you can do with that old computer.

Master of one trade

One way to get more life out of your old PC is to limit its use to a specific purpose. My old laptop isn't good for much anymore. It's six years old and runs about as fast as molasses moves downhill. Since what I wanted to do with it eats RAM like crazy , I cleared out all the programs I didn't need. And I mean all the programs, which means nothing can run in the background and swallow processing power.

Now I use it for only two art programs, and only one at a time. The best part is that these programs don't eat space on my new laptop. This is a great method for keeping old programs and an old computer, whether you use drawing programs, design programs, photo editing, or even digital scrapbooking.

Upgrade it

Now, if your computer's not too old, upgrading it is a healthy and viable option. And it's also a great way to acquaint yourself with the guts of your machine. There are several places around the web to buy parts and learn how to put them together. If you've got the time and a bit of spare cash, why not rebuild that computer gathering dust in the corner. There are extensive reviews on just about whatever you can cram into it.

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