As you can imagine, members of the gadget-deluged PC Advisor team sets a high bar on the hardware, software and websites they choose to use in their work and personal lives. So we compiled this list of the top 25 products that we don't just like but that we absolutely, positively love. 25 gadgets, gizmos, sites and services we can't live without.

Not all of them are examples of the most innovative, high-end technology. Some of our picks are slightly quirky. But all of them represent technology that we, the users, absolutely love.

Digital TV

And not just any digital TV. We're talking Sky+. Hard-disk based personal video recorders, remote recording, the lot.

Because of this technology, we could never go back to the regular way of watching TV. We can skip all the commercials and watch a 1-hour show in 45 minutes. If we want to record all programs and movies in a series, we can do it automatically. We can keep up with series such as "Heroes", "24" or "Lost" and still be able to leave the house and, you know, function.

But it's the simplest features, such as pausing a show when you need to get up and do something, that are the most important.

The analogue switch off will be painful for some, and a hassle for most. But the future is bright for telly addicts.


Belkin N1 Vision

Yup, the Belkin N1 Vision is one of the fastest, most reliable wireless routers we've ever used, with gigabit ethernet ports and three antennae juicing a draft-n Wi-Fi radio.

But the real fun comes when you start reading the LCD status screen on the front of the router. Dials, gauges and graphs show you how fast your downloads are running, exactly what's connected to your network, and how much data each computer is sucking down.

For geeks, it's a guilty pleasure akin to pushing a performance car past the redline - all without having to get up from your chair. For additional information, read our review of the Belkin N1 Vision, which found the N1 Vision less than perfect due to its lack of an 802.11n-only mode at the time.