Sony demonstrated its brand reach at a Monday night press event at the Consumer Electronics Show with a 3D demonstration, then began rolling out the celebrity guests—from Will Smith to Kelly Clarkson.

Sony played up the reach of its Music Unlimited service, just now reaching 13 countries. CEO Howard Stringer said the company plans to use its music and video holdings to bolste electronics.

That became obvious in the products the company unveiled, as device after device was also PlayStation certified.

Sony announced two new smartphones, both with 12 megapixel cameras. It also announced plans for a new 55 inch Crystal LED display TV, which it will be demonstrating at its booth.

But Sony has struggled with financial losses this year, as it attempts to keep up with rivals. None of that pressure was evident Monday, with Sony’s CEO promoting 3D devices, calling one his favorite. Overall, he says, Sony is still on top.

“We hope you’ll tell your friends, I’ve seen the future, and it’s a Sony.”

In Las Vegas, Kerry Davis, IDG News Service.