Intel showed off voice recognition, touchscreen controls and advanced graphics on Ultrabooks during its CES press conference on Monday.

Ultrabook is an Intel trademarked name for a computer that meets certain specifications for weight, thickness, battery life and processing power among others. The Ultrabooks are able to slim down because of a variety of manufacturing techniques including using a prismatic battery, a socketless motherboard and a thinner display.

Some of the Ultrabooks shown on Monday have accelerometers for motion control and touchscreen inputs.

Mooly Eden, VP, PC Client Group, Intel: Most Ultrabooks will fall into the sub 1000 dollar category and along with their processing power and other features could be an enticing option for consumers who want more functionality than a tablet and more portability than a full fledged notebook

The Consumer Electronics Association expects about 30 to 50 Ultrabooks to launch during this week’s show.

At CES 2012 in Las Vegas, Nick Barber, IDG News Service.